Our Fantastic New Doll Photo Sharing Site – Tonner Doll Duels!

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Welcome to DollDuels – A Tonner Doll Photo Sharing Site

With great Holiday spirit and with our brand new tonnerdoll.com website about to launch on January 3rd, we are happy to introduce Tonner Doll Duels at dollduels.com. Immediately you can tell how it works: you choose which of the two dolls you see is the one that appeals to you, and you get two more. Click and click away and discover new Tonner dolls – their restylings, repaintings and their talented photographers that you may not have seen before.

You can check the Leaderboard to see the dolls that have won the greatest percentage of duels (minimum 40 duels), or you can browse all the doll pics by category, or newest uploads. The thumbnails you see across the site can be clicked on to reveal the profile page of the doll picture itself, where you can see who it was that uploaded the photo, read a description of it, and if the sharer elected to include it, their website.

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This website could be anything from a blog, to a .com, a Flickr page or even an ebay page. Our hope is that the Tonner collector community can grow through this site, as you not only discover beautiful dolls, but also passionate and talented people from around the world (and their sites). You can also share what you think of the doll photo using Facebook in a comment thread.

And perhaps best of all you can add your own photos to Tonner Doll Duels. You don’t have to be an expert photographer, sometimes the freshest photos are the best. But of course bring your best work. What we are also hoping is that everyone will inspire each other to better or more interesting photos, exploring and sharing techniques.


Not all photos submitted will be accepted, but most will be. We ask that you be selective about what you upload with an eye towards variety of both dolls and style. What we have in mind when considering the site is the balance of dolls and photos as a whole, and photos will be approved on that basis. Uploads should be Tonner Doll Company dolls and character figures only – no Wilde Imagination or Tonner Toys dolls please. All of this is one grand creative experiment, so what is encouraged and accepted may change over time. Thank you so much for participating with us in this! And thank you all, many from Twitter #dollchat, who helped us test the site and make it better.

If you have any difficulties, questions or suggestions please do email me, Kevin, at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com, we’d be glad to hear from you. The site is still in the beta phase, so it may evolve over time. We look forward to your submissions and please to add your blog, or Flickr page or .com, etc. on the upload, so the conversation grow deeper.

4 responses to “Our Fantastic New Doll Photo Sharing Site – Tonner Doll Duels!

    1. I’m a Mac girl, too. i enabled Safari’s window pop-up blocker for the site, and that helped me.

      I hope it works–I’d love to see your photos on there!

    2. Hi Terri,

      Sorry I missed this comment, the blog got swept up in the site redesign and only now are we bringing it back online hopefully even better than before. Are you still having this problem with your Mac? I’d just love to see your photos on Doll Duels, so much of your collection must be amazing. Let me know if it isn’t working for you, you can email me at tonnersocialmedia @ gmail.com



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