Charlie’s Fan Review of our QVC LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl – Great Photos

Charlie’s Fan Review of Our QVC Blonde Uptown* Girl

When Tonner Doll announced the launch of Tonner Toys, I was happy to hear that the dolls planned would be sold at Toys-R-Us. I’m glad kids of all ages will get to enjoy Tonner quality, and at price points that parents can live with. Then followed the announcement of the Little Miss Matched dolls, and I was so excited I actually squealed (just a little bit; I’m supposedly an adult, after all). I’ve loved LMM since they started, as they and I are kindred souls—I’ve been doing mismatched clothes for my entire life, sometimes even on purpose! Just think, a doll with the attitude of LMM, at a great price, with a large wardrobe and instant Tonner gratification via Toys-R-Us? The dolls couldn’t come out fast enough for me.

When the QVC gift set date and time was finally announced, I was so happy I set several reminders so I wouldn’t miss the launch. I did something I almost never do—I actually watched QVC, with enthusiasm!, when the LMM hour with the Tonner doll was broadcast.  The Uptown Girl set was presented very well, with a good shout-out to Tonner collectors. I must confess, I did go onto the QVC website that morning, before the broadcast, from curiosity—and there she was, the Tonner Toy Uptown Girl Little Miss Matched gift set, at a surprisingly low price. I must have been among the very first buyers, because I also was one of the first to receive the set a few days later.

I was very pleased at the presentation of Uptown Girl in her box. There’s a nicely-done transparent window, and the doll herself was in an appealing pose. I opened the box, and there also were two very full small bags with clothes, socks, another pair of shoes, and a child-size set of anklet socks. I can’t wear them, alas!, but a very large doll in my collection can, so that was added value for me.

The fastenings of the doll in the box weren’t excessive, but I was flummoxed for a moment by the plastic band stitched to her lovely thick hair. I realized quickly that this is a real improvement over the usual mass marketed doll’s hair fastening, as it left no permanent crinkles or rubber band grooves in the hair. I got out my embroidery scissors, snipped a couple of stitches, and tugged; the band came right off and her hair wasn’t creased or bent at all.

She comes dressed in a black and white houndstooth print coat, with a cute red knit dress, LMM socks, and really adorable rainboots that I wish came in my size!  The boots also have a nicely finished opening up the back, so no struggling to get them on or off. The clothing fastenings are all Velcro, but it’s quality Velcro that is flexible and low pile, so it doesn’t end up tearing out the doll’s hair and picking up fibers of all sorts.

The clothing included with the set is adorable, and the separates are largely reversible, to quickly and easily change a look and add quite a bit to the play value. I’m personally very pleased at all the purples in the mix, and there’s even a colorblocked polo shirt in her wardrobe. All these pieces are versatile and adorable, the doll has an extensive wardrobe right out of the box, and she’s well dressed for any occasion that a doting owner might carry her to.

The doll herself is nicely jointed, and the joints are good and tight. The joints will loosen with more posing, but they’re perfect for the active play a child will put a doll through. I was very pleased that she doesn’t have wrist and ankle joints; as a collector I prefer them, but those joints are much too fragile for a child’s handling and would break quickly, resulting in tears. The doll’s body itself is nicely finished—no scratchy flashing, and the vinyl and plastic are even-toned and healthy-looking (no spray-tan zombie effect, thank goodness).

And that FACE!  It’s obvious that this is a Tonner doll, as the head is nicely sculpted, and the features are symmetrical, well screened, and nicely placed, with a lovely warm smile that makes me smile in response. What I particularly love about Uptown Girl is that she looks like a young girl. No heavy makeup, no simpering pout, just a friendly, happy smile and big expressive eyes. She’s so cute I can’t imagine anyone not finding that face appealing. Even my teenage son finds her cute, and changed her shoes and socks when I wasn’t in the room to see him playing with a doll!

I can’t wait for the rest of the line of dolls and outfits to come out, and will be haunting my local Toys-R-Us in anticipation of so many more good things to come from Tonner Toys and LittleMissMatched.

* * *

Charlie told us how neighborhood girls came around to see what she was doing when photographing her, and then all ran home to bug their mom’s for one. So nice to have a new generation of Tonner enthusiasm starting. Charlie is Charlie Reiley on our Facebook page, be sure to tell her a thank you too! And she has a personal blog too that posts some doll posts too.

We want to really thank Charlie for such a beautiful review, and in fact all our Tonner collectors that take the time out to share their view of our dolls. In fact you can read Penelope’s thoughts on the same QVC LMM Girl here. As to the small asterisk* on the title of our Girl, on QVC she is called “Uptown Girl” but she is a unique offer combination of Uptown Girl clothing, and our blonde  Sporty Girl doll. So.

And remember, if you haven’t gotten your QVC LittleMissMatched Gift Set yet, she is currently available on their website.

8 responses to “Charlie’s Fan Review of our QVC LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl – Great Photos

    1. Hi Sherelyn!

      We hope that by now you’ve received your LMM, and are just as happy as Charlie is! The rest of the LMM crew is due to hit Toys R Us stores by the end of October, so we’re super pumped for you to meet them all!! Thanks for your comment!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

  1. I actually have a complaint about the design of this doll. Who ever designed the doll and the clothes needs to learn about proportions. The hands are formed that the clothes are dificult to put on. I am about to cut the cuff around the arms because the hands do not move to make it easy to put on. My daughter is 8 years old and I am 48 yrs old. and I still had troubles putting on some of the clothes. Either change the doll so the thumb moves in or make the cuffs of the dresses and tops a little larger. My daughter recieved this as a Christmas gift from her grandmother. I would not recommed this doll because of these issues.

    1. Kristine,

      I’m very sorry to hear this. This isn’t actually how the doll was designed, but possibly sounds like a early production issue (a more closely fitted cuff). If you exchange her at the place of purchase you should have a much more dressable doll.

      [added] But your problem could also be solved by bending the thumb inward (the thumb does move with some effort) so the sleeve slips on more easily.

      If you have further difficulties email me at


      Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu
      Dir of SoMe
      Tonner Doll Company

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