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So how do we take advantage of this wonderful 4 day sale? It’s easy: 

Just go to and use Promo Code GOBBLE88 at checkout!

(for code limitations see # at bottom, for sale item exclusions see *, for free shipping restrictions see **)


So you are asking, What should I buy? Of course there is so much on the site to discover, but here are some suggestions of what would make someone a perfect Holiday gift (or a gift for yourself!).

Click to Shop Rosemary Clooney - White Christmas

Here is Robert sharing this White Christmas fashion dolls:

Click to shop Uch-Soto
Click to shop Chilled, Antoinette
Click to Shop Marvel's Emma Frost
Click to Shop Delightful, Antoinette
Click to shop Jean Grey, Phoenix
Click to shop 8" Alice Kingsley

The above are just some of the wonderful suggestions of the great things you can find in this site-wide sale! Just go to and click around and see what you can discover.


Of course you don’t only have to buy those things on sale. If your family has a Harry Potter fan take a look at our just released Harry Potter collection click here or watch Robert’s YouTube where he talks about the Harry and Hermione figures.

And among the non-included but a great Holiday gift idea is our 20th Anniversary DVD:

Click here to shop the Robert Tonner DVD

Watch an extensive clip of this remarkable film on Robert and the Tonner Doll Company:




The Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale Details:

*Exclusions include: Madame Bovary, Platinum Luxury, Allure, Simplicity, Cami Wigged Basic – Too, Jon Wigged Basic – Too, Central Park, Chelsea Look, Washington Square, Christmas 1863,  16″ Anna Karenina Outfit, Ready to Dress Carol Barrie, Ready to Dress Diane Evans, Matinee Luncheon, MIdnight #83, Roayle #82, Dazzling Tyler Wentworth®, Velvet Dazzle, Silver Shimmer, Midas Touch, Evening in Paris, Betsy McCall Prints Prints Prints Gift Set, MALLYMKUN THE DORMOUSE, 12″ DRACO MALFOY™, SLYTHERIN ROBE™, VIKTOR KRUM™, 7″ SMALL DOBBY, Deathly Hallows HARRY POTTER™, Deathly Hallows Hermione Granger™, and ALL TONNER 2011 HALLOWEEN CONVENTION PRODUCT; and the 20th Anniversary DVD.

** Free Shipping: Free Shipping within the continental U.S. only.  International customers please e-mail with your order number to receive a $9.95 shipping credit.  Expires Monday, November 28th at Midnight .

#Promo code is good for in-stock items and new orders only; some exclusions apply (see above).

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