The first glimpse of the LittleMissMatched dolls from the LMM blog

Just this weekend the LittleMissMatched blog gave us the first peak at a Tonner Toys LMM girl. These are going to be mass-market priced, super fun fashion dolls ideal for the young new collector who wants the real Tonner quality in the wardrobe – all taken from fantastic LittleMissMatched fashions – and a dynamic, everyday persona.  Above is Sporty Girl. And just this morning creative designer Jason Reilley snapped this quick pic seen below of Uptown Girl with his phone (below). Does she not look like an Uptown girl!?

She’s the girlier one of the group, and a born leader. She comes fully dressed as seen here in a houndstooth trench coat, red bubble dress, headband, 3 LittleMissMatched socks, LittleMissMatched bag, and LittleMissMatched houndstooth Wellies. As mentioned in our previous post on our partnership with LittleMissMatched, on August 29th there is going to be an exclusive QVC LittleMissMatched Gift Set including one of these four age appropriate dolls, perfect for the collector one and all. Subscribe to our blog to stay on top of the news, you won’t want to miss it!

17 responses to “The first glimpse of the LittleMissMatched dolls from the LMM blog

  1. I am so excited that you guys are making dolls with red hair like mine!! I can’t believe it but I also have the same rainboots from LMM and can’t wait to get this doll so we can match!

  2. You mention that they are planned for young, new collectors. Is there a target age range? (I’m wondering if my granddaughters fit within that range)

  3. I think I saw that they will have an “Affordable” price point. As they are going to be “mostly” for young collectors, can you define “Affordable”? I can not wait to get my hands on them but alas in this economy price does make a difference….

    Again I can’t wait!!!!!

    1. Debbie,

      We can’t really numerically tell what the price is going to be due to contractual reasons, but knowing that they will be for younger kids and for the mass market should help you know that affordable is affordable. It won’t be long before you know! Very happy that you are looking forward to them.

      Dir. of SoMe

      1. Thanks Kevin that tells me a lot! I just can not wait to get these! I see them as the best of current day dolls for kids (of ALL ages!) and am looking forward to making them into a trunk doll club! They will be the ultimate in doll play! Great way to get the young collectors started!!

    1. Hi Tina!

      We can’t either!! Won’t be long now, they should be in stores during the fall of 2011…. Just in time for Christmas! Thank you for your comment, and for sharing your excitement with us 🙂

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

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